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See how wood strip and "stitch and glue" sea kayaks are made from paper plans all the way to varnishing. The Kayak Shop contains hundreds of small and large photos of wooden sea kayak construction in progress. Comments and tips accompany every photo.
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The most representative photos were chosen from different projects to illustrate every step of wood kayak building. You can click on every small photo to see the full sized and detailed version.

The pages are organized chronologically where possible, or by task so you can start the tour from the beginning or go directly to the section of your interest and navigate from there. The content on these pages is constantly being updated and expanded.

Index of Wood Strip Kayak Building Pages
Index of "Stitch and Glue" - Plywood Kayak Pages

 Pages of interest
  Abrasion Resistant Fabrics, Fiberglass & Carbon - Fabrics used in wood strip kayaks and for extra abrasion protection. See how Dynel, Olefin, Xynole and plain fiberglass compare in impact resistance.
 The Epoxy test - Search for the best kayak clear coating epoxy.
 Hydrostatics - Confused by Prismatic coefficient, %LCB or Vertical Center of Buoyancy? Click here for definitions of terms used in hull design and all One Ocean Kayaks technical specs.
 Composite Sandwich Core - Mechanical principles behind this lightweight, yet amazingly strong structure.
 Building Cost Estimate - construction cost for the Cape Ann Double. Estimating kayak cost.
 Wood Strip Calculator - How much wood strip material you need for your craft ? (based on boat surface area)
 Kayak Builders' Gallery - See finished kayaks that others have built.
NEWStitch and Glue Kits - shave some time off the prep work with precut components

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INDEX of Wood Strip building pages

Builders of One Ocean Kayaks see additional material in the Builders' Pages.

- Indicates more related pages within a category

1. Setup for ripping strips & the ideal plank of cedar

1a. Jig for routing bead and cove strips

1b. Wood strips - problems to watch out for

2. Tools for stripping and fiberglassing
3. Making mold stations from plans

4. Preparation of mold assembly for stripping

4a. Aligning stations on spine

5. Kayak stripping basics

6. Stripping basics 2 - filling large areas the easy way

6a. Building 'pinched' keel - concave surfaces- The CA Expedition stern.

6b. Inlay technique for quick & accurate miter joints and accute angles

7. Artistic stripping -Decorative splines first, fill last

7a. Inlays - creating intricate inlays quickly without shaping strip ends. Fill first, splines last.

7b. CA Expedition - advanced deck inlays

7c. CA Expedition deck continued

8. Stem construction 1- building the kayak forefoot

8a. Stem construction 2- decorative deck tip

8b. Stem construction 3 - faster method yet.

9. Filling and sanding - preparation for fiberglassing

9a. Signage - adding lettering to your kayak.

10. Fiberglass cover - draping fiberglass fabric over kayak

10a. Filleting and glassing the inside kayak stems

11. Working with Epoxy - wet-out of fiberglass
12. Fiberglassing continued

13. Sanding fiberglass & Trimming - splitting the kayak deck off the mold

14. Cockpit - cutout and rim construction

15. Coaming construction

16. Coaming 2 - bonding to deck and finishing

17. Buttplates (hip-plates)- anchors for a backrest

18. Minicel foam Kayak Seat & Backrest
         - Cutting a seat from 3" foam block
         - Shaping foam for custom fit

19. Hatches - cutting out

20. Hatches 2 - making composite seal-channel

21. Hatches 3 - bonding channel to deck

22. Hatches 4 - seal gasket and hardware

23. Bonding deck and hull together

23a. Bonding shells - neat fiberglass tape trim trick

24. Bulkheads

24a. Foot braces
          - Fixed Yakima installation
          - Sliding installation (for a rudder)

24b. Carry loops
          - Making carbon tubing
          - Making Carbon lashing hooks 1
          - Graphite hooks 2
          - Graphite hooks 3

25. Rudder block - Modification of the stern for a rudder

26. Rudder - mounting, cable control
        - Cable-footbrace connection
        - Making rudder cable loops

27. Varnishing - general precautions

27a.Varnishing - the tools and technique

28. Coating with two part polyurethane


INDEX of Stitch & Glue building pages

Builders of Cirrus see additional material in the Builders' Pages.

1. About Plywood - what to look for in plywood

2. Scarfing - preparation of plywood panels for joining

3. Joining scarfed plywood sheets

3a. Butt-joining plywood - limited alternative to scarfing

3b. ScarfLOCK - joining of plates in S&G kits

4. Transfer of plans to plywood

5. Cutting kayak plates from plywood sheets

6. Stations - mounting and alignment of 'mold'

7. Strongback - setting up solid building foundation

8. Wiring hull plates # 1 and stations into the mold

9. Wiring side plates # 2

10. Filleting and filling pinholes - overview of technique for deck and hull
11. Deck plates - "stitching" deck onto the kayak

12. Fiberglassing outside deck

13. Sanding and trim of glass on deck

14. Standard coaming rim installation

14a. Recessed coaming with knee braces

14b. Recessed coaming rim installation

15. Hull stem band and tips

16. Glassing outside hull

17. Glassing inside hull

18. Glassing inside deck

19. Bonding hull and deck together

20. Painting decorative stripe

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