You too can build your own One Ocean Kayak just like these builders here.
This gallery represents only a tiny portion of the One Ocean Kayak designs which are being built and paddled in over fifty countries around the world and on every continent except Antarctica :)

Thank you ALL for the kind words and generosity to share your work of art - Vaclav

The following links show individual builder pages with more photos.

  • Marc Dilley (California): Cape Ann Double - Margareta and I are very pleased with your design and the kayak. It was a real joy to build and we are looking forward to many, many years of fun.
    Marc tandem kayak
  • Roy Morford (Canada): Expedition and StormLT- ...the hull is built as you designed it and it performs as promised. A great boat... Thanks.
  • Boggey Nash (Florida): Storm & StormLT - You too can fish from a kayak!
    Nash fishing kayak
  • Rob Irving (Canada): Double - The kayak was finished just in time for our week on Slocan Lake in central British Columbia. The kayak performed very well and we had a great time. I found it to be stable and fast. Definitely faster than the Kevlar boats I have paddled in the past. I am most pleased with your design and all of your timely e-mail assistance. The boat certainly turns heads. Lots of interest...As soon as I can build my shop, I will be working on kayak number 2!! Thanks again.
  • Ron Swartz (Alaska): Storm -
  • After a summer of paddling my kayak around Alaska I found it to be superb...
  • Hans Podlucky (New Zealand): Storm SLT and Expedition - Last weekend we had our first real trip and the first good weather after weeks. My daughter Lisa really enjoyed it - only her arms were getting sore! She is still quite small for the boat but she can cope very well with it...
    dolphin Storm SLT crab inlay expedition
  • Simonelli Iacopo (Italy): Sport - ...I'm surprised what a beauty my hands have been able to create...
    Iacopo Sport from  Italy
  • Gene Goldberger (New York): Expedition - I just finished the ca expedition and cannot thank you enough for all the help and advice during the whole building process. The plans and work book where excellent and the web site with all the building pages made the whole building process a breeze. The finished kayak exceeded my wildest hopes. I am forwarding you a picture of the finished kayak and again thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Robert Reed (Mexico): Double - ...I carved a pelican head out of Spanish Cedar for the nose. It works as a carrying handle and might be handy in limited water space when there are a lot of inflatables...

  • David Hanson (Louisiana): Cirrus & Storm SLT
    Jean got to take it out this morning, her first time in a kayak period, really loved it. It tracks very well yet turns easily, 38 lbs fully rigged not includeing the paddle of course.
    Hanson Cirrus Hanson SLT
  • Erich Eppert (Canada): Expedition
  • Ed Kuzmarski (Michigan): Storm

  • Chia-Cheng Lu "Jack" (Taiwan): Storm LT

  • Robert Schaum (Michigan): Expedition -
  • ...The fact that a novice like myself can build two vessels like these is due in large part (90%) to your terrific instructions (paper, on-line, and e-mail communication) (I reserve 10% for my own ingenuity and cleverness! Ha Ha!)...

  • David Orth (Illinois): Double - Thanks for the wonderful kayak design...it is everything I have hoped. Swift, stable + sexy !
  • Laurie Cooper (New Zealand): Cape Ann Double + 2 Expeditions - ...have done hundreds of miles already and hopefully hundreds yet to come....
    Cooper double
  • Jim Kozel (Ohio): Storm + Cirrus Hybrid + Cirrus LT - I've paddled the Storm a number of times this summer, most recently in whitecaps on Sandusky Bay and in 2-4foot boat wakes on Cayuga Lake which is part of the Finger Lake region of New York. My own experience of the Storm was great. Stable, reliable, fast and VERY easy to brace using only hips. But what I found very interesting was that other paddlers I was with commented on how stable the Storm looked to them. "You and that boat look rock solid in these waves" was one of the comments..
    Jim's Storm
  • Mitch Ishoe (Michigan): Cape Ann - ...I've enjoyed this project immensely and would do another one in a minute...
    Mitch Cape Ann
  • Peter Doherty (Australia): Cape Ann Double - ... You have ruined my life...
    Doherty double kayak
  • Timothy Malmer (Texas): Storm - ...Great design! ...
    Malmer Storm
  • Justin Stevenson (New Zealand): Double - Was great to paddle, nice and stable...

  • Richard Duvall (Nebraska): Cape Ann - ...early on you assessed my height, weight, and usage and recommended the Cape Ann. I think it was the best choice for me. It's a good fit...
  • Trond Atle Tveit (Norway): Storm - ... I thank you for all help!...
    Trondt's Storm
  • Leo Boudreau (Massachusetts): Cape Ann - ...I looked at a lot of different plans before deciding on yours and I haven't regretted a moment of it, in fact it gets better and better as the boat is emerging...I'm pretty happy with the result and wanted to thank you for the excellent documentation and support along the way...
    Leo Cape Ann
  • John Levell (Great Britain): Cirrus Hybrid - ...Building these boats kept me sane and gave me purpose...
    plywood hybrid kayak
  • Stephen Grimes (Ohio): Cape Ann - ...Even though I had never built a boat and wood working skills were limited, I felt this was a project I could complete...

  • Rami Debash (Israel): Storm SLT - ...After 5 months I finished my SLT. It was my first kayak. I building the kayak with polyester not epoxies, I did not like epoxies. The plans are perfect and everyone is pleased. It's not easy to find cider in Israel but I find. The kayak is PERFECT...

  • Curt Vaught (Michigan): Cirrus (from kit) - It's truly great to paddle and I've even been told "it's not too bad for a first boat" by one of my more picky boatbuliding firends. I hope to be paddling for years to come.

  • Joel Magnan (Canada): Double

  • Johnnie Midgett (North Carolina): Expedition - ...It is my best project ever, I really enjoyed building such a fine craft...
  • Tom Witt (Texas): Cirrus - ..What a great and satisfying project...

  • Ian Allen (New Zealand): Strom - ...it is difficult to simply go down to the water and paddle, because everyone is busy asking about the boat!

  • Tom Walker (California): Storm - ...I was amazed at how little effort it took to keep this boat moving pretty quickly...
  • Lyndon Anderson (Canada): Cirrus (from kit)
    cirrus kit kayak
  • Dave Ward (Alaska): Expedition - She paddles beautifully — fast and straight...
  • Marc Minnich (Michigan): Cirrus - This has been an experience I will never forget. Tomorrow will be her first launch. I bet I don't sleep tonight...
  • Tim Wimborne (Australia): Expedition - I christened my Cape Ann Expedition yesterday and named it "Point Reyes" ...It is an absolute joy and also one of the fastest kayaks I have paddled...It is predominantly Western red cedar (various colours) with a Canadian pine in the central pattern...Thanks for your assistance and replies to my emailed questions over the months. The plans you sell are perfect and easy to follow. The builders guide is very good and the online shop pages a great idea.

  • David Smith (Washington st.): Cape Ann Double - Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your great plans, instructions and web site. Everything worked, and went together just as you described...This last week we were able take it out for 4 days of paddling around to our local marine parks here in the San Juan Islands in Washington State. The boat carried all of our gear with ease and handled beautifully. What a great design!!!!! I modified your rudder from the flip up and over type to one that just pulls up on deck,which was easy to do and seems to work well...I also wanted you to see the expensive custom spinnaker I use (umbrella) that zips the boat along even in light airs. Unfortunately I don't have any photos of the zipping, but I'm including one taken in light air. I'm including some other photos as well. I had so much fun building the boat I'd like to build strip kayaks as a business so hopefully I'll be purchasing more of your designs. Obviously I'm very pleased with the way she turned out. Thanks again for your wonderful designs, and construction help.
    Smith double  
  • John Caldeira (Texas): Sport and Cirrus LT (Hybrid)- I want to thank you for the wonderful design of the Expedition Sport and also the very complete and clear plans. Now that I've had the boat out a few times, I am very impressed with the handling. So easy to roll, too...I appreciated the excellent and the most complete set of plans I've received from any designer. The manual was very helpful too. Thanks, John
    Construction and more pix: http://www.outdoorplace.org/paddling/Sport/Sport1.htm
    Cirrus LT below.
    I am pleased to report that my new Cirrus LT was launched this past Sunday. Thank you for the great design. It has a very sexy streamlined look, and paddles well. Very good tracking and stability. I am especially pleased by it's performance in crosswinds, rear-quarter and following seas. Some photos of my creation are on this web page: http://www.outdoorplace.org/paddling/CirrusLT/CirrusLT3.htm

  • Clive Merrifield (Great Britain): Storm LT - A couple of pictures of my first trip in my storm LT. Boat paddled great and I was stopped 4 times walking just 20 yards to the beach to talk about it!! Maybe a first for the Bristol Channel?
  • Jerry Nolan (Colorado): Expedition - Been meaning to let you know what a pleasure it was to build the Cape Ann Expedition. What really surprised me is how well the boat handles. It is much more maneuverable than I expected and still tracks very well. I know what I talking about because I am a veteran paddler with over 40 years of racing experience and over 100 wins in just about every type of racing: sprint, marathon, whitewater, seakayak, etc. Here is a web page with pictures: http://home.mesastate.edu/~jerry/guide/Boat%20Building/boatpictures03-07.htm

  • Salvador Camps (Spain): Cirrus - ...I would like to thank you for your kind answers every time I needed. I expect to enjoy this kayak meny years to come and it has been a great experience to build it. If I have to make another one, I know it will come out much better because I have learn a lot through the construccion process. Thanks very much. By the way, the pictures have been taken at Valmayor in Madrid province, Spain.
  • Mike Linton (Wisconsin): Cape Ann - Star spangled kayak.
  • Trevor Alborough (New Zealand): Cirrus - As a first time builder, I've sometimes thought that I should have picked an easier design. But I think if you prepared to restrain your urgency to hit the water this is excellent design. After having my ego boosted by yachties and swimmers complementing me on a beautiful boat, I 'm not actually sure if I paddled or just levitated over the water!
  • John Lear (Australia): Storm - Gidday, I thought I would forward a photo of my Cape Ann Storm after completing the Murray River Marathon 404 kilometeres. It caused quite a stir amongst the carbon fibre, plastic, and fiberglass crowd. The boat never failed to get comment on each day of the race. One guy asked me if I had entered the most beautiful boat competition and another wants to buy it when Im finished with it...I finished second in my class, veterans over 55yrs. I have paddled many miles in training and the boat has taken everything I can dish out and the weather can dream up and had never rolled I feel I have become part of the boat.

  • Avner Moncaz (Israel): Storm - 4 month ago, I moved with the 3 packages of wood from the living room into my workshop. Today I moved back….Thanks a lot for every moment of pleasure. Both while building and paddling - Avner
  • Chris Lambkin (Australia): Cirrus - These shots were taken in the creeks which flow into the Hawksebury River, (The Rhine of the Southern Hemisphere) about 1 hour North from the heart of Sydney by car....Chris Lambkin. Enthusiastic Cirrus Builder Owner and Paddler
  • Tom Regan (Maine): Storm SLT - Thanks Vaclav for drawing such a nice boat. My daughter reports she can do circles around her Mom in a plastic two person kayak. Here are two shots of the completed boat.
    Regan-Storm SLT Storm SLT
  • Florian Schneidt (Neatherlands): Cirrus - I had the pleasure of launching my finished Cirrus...I must say it was an easy build with very good handbook and excellent plans. And I am exceptionally pleased with the handling. It tracks really well and there is very little weathercocking ( I had it out at windforce 4-5 and waves about 70cm). In thes conditions it felt rock stady and I felt more at ease than any other boat yet. I did add a cockpit recess and I think this improves the ease of rolling very much if you do leaned back rolls.
  • Steen Bondo (Denmark): Storm LT - Ridewise, I get more and more happy with the boat. Have (so far) had it in +22km wind and 3feet waves - with my weight it's that close to neutral in the wind that I (for now) see no, or very little, need of a skeg. My wife finds it weathercock some, but she's also about 10kg lighter, therefore the aft will be a bit higher(can be trimmed). In shorter waves from aft it wants to go it's own way (back lean helps), on the other hand it responds beautiful to steering strokes.
    Web page of Storm LT construction: http://kayakparadise.dk/html/stormlt.html
  • Bruce Crosby (Ohio): Expedition - Finished my Expedition last Friday, pulled it out of the basement and into the sunlight....I am astonished at how much attention it draws, people honking, waving, touching, etc....I get a lot of compliments on how nice it looks.....finished weight is 54 lbs. with 6oz. cloth inside and out (2 full layers on outside bottom)...overall I'm very happy with the way it turned out...
  • Dee Robert Inman (Washington): Storm - I launched the Storm October 2003. Since that time I have paddled it over 200 miles and look forward to each time I go out...Thanks for a great design on both the Storm and Rudder!
  • Bob Brownie (California): Cirrus - I launched my Cirrus today and I love it! I am a novice kayaker and first time builder but found your plans and book to be very helpful... Seems to be very fast and tracks very straight. I fit very snugly in the cockpit but I hope to lose a little weight along the way. ...I continue to be amazed that I was able to build a kayak that is both nice to look at and great fun to paddle. I am getting more comfortable in the boat each day and will soon start paddling with the local kayak club here in Ventura, CA. Lots to learn about this sport! Thanks again for the super design.
    Brownie - Cirrus cirrus cirrus
  • Matt White (Australia): Storm - Please accpet my thanks for a superb sea kayak design. The boat works exactly as you had said it would: perhaps even better. I built the boat mainly as a way to try and re learn some patience...and to involve my kids in, with the boat itself being a bonus. All of that worked, and I am really pleased with the outcome. I feel a sense of acheivement in finishing, and more importanlty really enjoyed the process of getting there...I used to race DRR/ marathon, and later paddled creeks for many years. I took the Sport for a series shakedown paddles on the north coast of NSW, in surf, 25+ knot winds, a good 2metre swell and so on. It worked a treat...I am really surprised at the outright speed of the boat. While it is not a "race" boat, it is really quick, and very easy to keep at a strrong touring pace. It is I think a bit faster than my Mirage 580, which is a well regarded boat in these parts. It is "livelier" to paddle than the Mirage, lifting more quickly out of the chop. It is a joy to paddle.
  • John Wentz (Washington state): Expedition Sport - She speeds out like crazy and is a joy to paddle. Not to mention that you may never get off of the beach due to all of the admirers.
  • Clas Kreutzman (Finland): Cape Ann HV - I finally launched my Cape Ann HV kayak. http://www.mobisound.com/gallery/capeannhv_launch
  • Dave Murry (California): Cirrus- I love it, everyone I let paddle it loves it. No problems...Regards Dave
    dave Murray Cirrus  
    ...my reconstructed Cirrus (Hybrid), back on the water this weekend. I didn't really care for the plywood deck so I removed it and converted the hull to a hybrid. Note that I added a "roller's recess" cockpit as I prefer a lower configuration and backrest. Excellent performer, highly recommended by me. This kayak is hull #9 (and hull #11 for the retrofit). It is the kayak I will take down the Willamette River in Oregon next year.
  • Bjørn Lunde (Norway): Storm - The Storm is really fast, and when I paddle with friends in slow pace, 3 knots I guess, they paddle all the time, but I only take a stroke now and then!! I made the bow and stern quite sharp, and it makes no bow waves at all. Never seen anything like it!!...The kayak is built with pine from Norway, very common here. And one stripe of mahogany...
  • Dana Callan (Florida): Expedition - I wanted to tell you that the Cape Ann Expedition that Jurgen built for me is outstanding! I put it in the water for the first time on December 27th at Crystal River, Florida. I enjoyed spraying a little champagne on the bow and a year of waiting was complete. Your design is exceptional! It tracks like it is on a R.R an when you lean it turns immediately. It is better than I ever imagined. Much better! ...It was a beautiful day I'll never forget. Please refer anyone to me who wants to know more about the Cape Ann Exp. I live in Central Florida and will be happy to show it off or let anyone take it for a test ride.
  • Alistair Swift (Scotland): Storm- Vaclav, thought you might like to see my 'Storm' on its maiden voyage in the North Sea near Aberdeen, Scotland. I have to admit I enjoyed the woodwork more than the fibreglassing, but now it's done I'm looking forward to paddling it as often as I can.

  • Bruce Gaal (Australia): Cirrus- G'day from Sydney, Cirrus finally complete (and waterproof)! Cruises like a dream. Regards Bruce
  • Greg Bridges (California): Cape Ann Double - Another one of your designs hit the water today. Tracks great and is really stable. The wife approves! I built it with recessed cockpits and wood combings. Hull is western red cedar, redwood, and padauk. Deck is sitka spruce, padauk recesses, ebony/hardmaple accent strip, hard maple combings.
  • Alwyn Thompson (Canada): Storm - ... Everything has gone very well - thanks in no small part to your excellent plans and instructions...The Cape Ann Storm is finished and she is beautiful! (See photos)...It was shipped out to Halifax, where my Son resides. Three layers of bubble wrap did the trick. I just want to tell you that your plans and building instructions were excellent, and i had no trouble at all! I have built a 12' sailing dinghy in the past, and those plans and instructions were a nightmare, so it was a real pleasure working on the kayak. My son reports that the kayak behaves wonderfully, tracks well; the ocean swells sweep over the flush hatches as if they weren't there, and the rudder "works like a dream". If ever i am asked to do another, i will give you a call!
  • Ted Johnson (New Hampshire): Expedition - She has been a wonderful boat. I built her out of recycled redwood from old benches w/ a spruce shear line and keel. I have not put a rudder on her since she tracks exceedingly well. The only time I have a bit of a problem is on a broad reach in a large following sea. I have paddled her for two seasons now, and am looking forward to giving the Cape Anne double a try...
  • Scott Holloway & Phil Wilcox (Canada): 2 Storms - Both Phil & I have very little experience in kayaks, but have found the Cape Ann Storm stable & a pleasure to paddle...Your 'Kayak Shop' site and manual were extremely helpful. Once again, thank you for your timely advice.
  • Dave Albin (Oregon): Cape Ann - I took my Cape Ann to R2K3 last weekend and launched it in salt water. Not quite finished yet--still some work to go on the seat. The boat did fine...I am a novice paddler and had to work to keep the bottom side down. Other folks who paddled it had favorable comments about it. Thanks for all the help, Dave.
  • Dan Murrish: Storm - I have had the kayak out a number of times and it paddles very nice. It doesn't feel tippy like the Baidarka that I made from the Wolfgang design. I also have a Current Design "Carabou". I think I like your design better than the Carabou. It feels as fast and handles just as nice. It rolls easy and it is lighter, so it is very easy to load on top of the car. I definitely get more comments on how nice it is from people and fellow kayakers...I used cedar and redwood with clear pine accent strips. Thanks for the nice design.
  • Cristiano Monzillo (Italy): Cirrus - I launched my cirrus , everything is perfect I wanna thank you, your online support is great. www.restauroligneo.it/kayakbuilding.htm
    monzillo Cirrus
  • M. Becker (Florida): Storm
  • Chas Bernstein (New York): Expedition Sport - Thanks for all your help - you've been a real hero!!
  • Graeme Quin (Australia): Cirrus - She paddles a like a dream, is light, fast, superb initial and secondary stability, the hatches are watertight and the rolls were easy. Cirrus was launched 27 August 06 at Lat 38.46S, Long 144.09. First impressions on the Estuary: Fast and light. Impressive initial and secondary stability (superior to CLC Patuxent, old model 17'5" x 21.5"). Excellent response to leaned turns. Correct trim. Damn fine-looking. First impression in the ocean (Bass Strait). High volume bow a real asset breaking out through surf. Tracks nicely in tidal stream. Stability again highly evident. Feels secure and very controllable. Put it back in the Estuary and did three rolls. Fore and aft compartments remained completely dry. Building Cirrus has been a 14 month endeavour, conducted when family permits at the "ancestral" beach house at the above co-ords, some 80 miles from my home in Melbourne. It has been worth the effort. I have built a very fine boat and I thank the designer, well done.
  • Jerry Cormier: Storm - The Storm was a blast to paddle. thanks :)
  • Marie (New Jersey): Cirrus LT Hybrid - After six months I finally finished my Cirrus Lt Hybrid. I have been out a few times and I absolutely love it. It's fast and turns great when leaned. For my first kayak I think I could have chosen something a little easier, but all the work was worth it. Thanks you for all your help both by email and your website.
    Marie Cirrus LT Hybrid
  • Oddvar Eide (Norway): Storm - ..Thanks to your very good building instructions available on the internet, I didn't spend much time wondering what to do. Here is my son testing the Cape Ann Storm early in May. Thank you for giving me a wonderful winter in the freezing cold garage.

  • Dave Warner (Maryland): Cirrus Hybrid- I just wanted to let you know that I'm absolutely delighted with the Cirrus I finished building about three weeks ago. I've had it out six times in conditions ranging from calm to 25 mph winds with 18" breaking waves. The Cirrus was a pleasure to paddle in all conditions. It is efficient, tracks well, is easy to maneuver, and handles wind and waves from all directions with ease. The stability curve is superb. The primary is very comfortable, and the secondary is great. Each time I have paddled the boat, I've come off the water liking it even more.
  • Jay Gazerro (Connecticut): Storm - ... I had the intension on entering a few local races with this boat. My starter boat is a twelve foot perception Acadia which I bought April 04. I entered a local five mile race with this boat and finished thirteenth. This was no good I needed a faster boat to compete in next years race. Searched the web, found your site, got excited to build a fast boat. I was pleased with the finished project, and now to try it on the water. My first thoughts after getting in and paddling was I can't handle such a tippy boat. Over the next month took it out a few more times and felt better and better with it. I enter the same five mile race last week and had people gathering around the boat to admired it asking questions about how it was made, they were amazed to say the least. Then race time, off I go, what a rush when my boat and one other pulled away from the rest. Stayed behind first place boat until the half way turn then with the waves coming from behind me he kept pulling away. Finished one and a half minutes behind him. What a great boat but I have to work on paddling skills. Next race September seventeenth, already entered. Off to practice. Thanks for a super boat design and (make it easy) plans.

  • Mike Bacon (Vermont): Expedition - Thanks for all your help with my kayak..The inlay is red wood and aspen the boat is white cedar that I cut from my own land!
  • Andrew A. Hanish (Australia): Storm - Mr Vaclav Stejskal’s help throughout the project is gratefully acknowledged. I truly appreciate his availability, patience and advice given, very often on a short notice. Thank you Vaclav for a first class kayak design and support during the project. I called my kayak “Freedom” because the entire process meant to me a lot and liberated me from lots of stress caused by my life’s circumstances. Building of this kayak, turned out to be the best anti-depressant I know of.
  • Charles West (Mississippi): Expedition - I finished the kayak last March...it was constructed of Cypress cut here in Mississippi and Honduran mahogany. The boat was a joy to build thanks to your excellent plans and well illustrated construction manual. After searching the Internet and seeing the beautiful wooden boats, with their elaborate inlayed decks, it was my intent to build something similar. But alas the difficulty banding the strips into elaborate patterns far exceeded my first time boat builder ability. It is my intent to be more creative with the double. The boat is still beautiful. It attracts people like a magnet attracts iron filings.
       I am not a boat racer but I have entered this boat in two races. In my age group (55+) and boat type I came in first both times. Beauty and speed were not the main reason I chose your design. I chose this particular boat because it appeared that it would provide an excellent paddling platform for a person of my size, six feet three inches at two hundred pounds. I have not been disappointed.
      Most of my paddling is done on out extremely smooth local rivers and lakes therefore the boat's rough water capability does not get tested. That was true at least until last weekend. My local club had planned a weekend trip to one of Mississippi's barrier islands. This island lies approximately 7.5 miles off the coast. What should have been a non stressful 2.5 hr. paddle turned into a 4.5 hour intense paddle. The wind started blowing 10-20 mph. There were soon three foot waves with a very heavy chop. The kayak performed beautifully. The stability was excellent. The only limiting factor was my experience level with this type of weather.
      I am looking forward to building the double. It should be ready by late spring. Thanks for what you do.
  • Nick Waterson (New Zealand): Storm LT + Expedition - I made the Expedition and StormLT last year and they get a huge amount of use. I am trying to find an excuse to build more.
  • Roger Gelfand (Israel): Sport -...just prior to varnishing. I have since been out on the water (Mediterranean) a few times...and the kayak certainly lives up to expectations.... thank you for a wonderful kayak!
    wood kayak
  • James Collins (California): Sport -...This will actually be my 2nd One Ocean Kayaks boat…I built an Expedition Sport in the last year and it paddles great. I’ve had it out here in the Monterey Bay a couple of times, as well as made a few road trips up the California Coast...I usually takes me a good half hour to get in the water as the many onlookers want to ask questions and understand “how” do you do it…The Expedition is my first true kayak...Thanks again for a great handling boat and opening my eyes to the world of kayaking building / paddling.
  • Ken Melnyk (Washington): Expediton -...I like to fly fish for salmon from the kayak and the relative tippy nature of this design should add an extra element of thrill to the sport. The project was great fun.
    fishing kayak  
  • Mark Sicherman (Canada): SLT + Storm -... For now, my wife is really enjoying her SLT. She's the envy of our area as everyone around here either has those crappy rotary polyethylene kayaks that Costco sells or the garde-variety fiberglass. Hers is faster, more stable, and just a 'little' more beautiful.
  • Roger Warren (California): Expediton -I spent today kayaking on Tomales Bay here in Marin County, CA with a group I just joined called BASK, (Bay Area Sea Kayakers. My Cape Ann Expedition is a dream to paddle and usually the center of attraction wherever I go. The fruits of our labor are being enjoyed.
  • Matthew Kumjew (Australia): Cirrus LT Hybrid -...The kayak glides effortlessly through the water. It's fast and stable, and a perfect choice I think for anybody considering building a first kayak. Thanks for your wonderful design and well thought out plans & instructions...The wood for the deck was all Kiri or Pawlowni with Western Red Cedar for the feature strips. The Kiri must have been very light because the fully fitted out weight was only 32lbs or 14.5 kgs.
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