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3. Making mold stations (forms) from plans

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The first step is to cut the stations with 3/8"-1/2" margin from the plans. The margin assures good adhesion of the edges to the substrate and easy cutting through the lines.

The plans also contain instructions relating to building of the mold assembly and cutting of particular stations.


One sheet of particle board is needed to build a single kayak. One and a half for a double kayak.

First, I arrange the paper stations dry to make efficient use of materials. Pre-drawn outlines help to apply glue where it is needed the most- at the edges.
A few hours of drying is needed before cutting.
Some corners need pre-drilling in order to insert a jigsaw blade.

The corners are not critical for accuracy. The horizontal lines are far more important for accurate alignment.
I use a fine toothed scroll blade for precision cuts.
The particle board is far easier to work with than plywood. It is also more stable and will not warp and twist as much.
All spine openings are cut first while everything is conveniently laid together on one sheet. In a couple of hours a sheet of particle board is transformed into a stack of precise kayak forms.

Note the strips of paper removed from the bow and stern forms. This is where the smallest split stations attach on both sides. Good glue bond between the pieces is vital.
Finished stack of stations. Note the 'split stations' at the top. These are attached to the bow and stern forms.
Bow form with its 'splits' already glued on.


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