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This site is dedicated to design and construction of high performance wooden sea kayaks.
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  Building your fast and beautiful wood strip or plywood sea kayak is a very fulfilling experience but paddling your own creation in the vastness of the Ocean is a BLAST that defies description!

I hope that you find everything you would like to know about building wood strip or stitch and glue kayaks from paper plans all the way to varnishing. Wooden kayaks have quite a bit of character and when you build one, don't be surprised when people on the beach start flocking to your kayak asking how you built such a thing of beauty.

Wood Strip Inlays

What is Wood Strip Construction? - In the simplest terms, it is bead and cove cedar strips glued together edge to edge over a form (mold) and then covered on both sides by fiberglass cloth and epoxy. The result is a high tech structure called the "composite sandwich core".

Today, the use of cores - both foam and wood - span the spectrum from fast rowing shells to competition yachts and even power racers. Wooden kayaks, too, belong to this sophisticated family and therefore share all the advantages that sandwich core has to offer:

  •  Lightweight Monocoque Shell
  •  Uncompromised Hull Form
  •  Strength & Stiffness
The real advantages of wood strip or plywood kayaks will quickly become apparent to the builder during construction as well:
  •  Simplicity - perfect for first time builders with little woodworking experience
  •  Inexpensive - the lowest material cost for an efficient high performance wooden hull
  •  Few simple woodworking tools
  •  Quick Building Time - paddle kayak like this in only 2 or 3 months!
Want to learn more? - The Wood Kayak page sheds some light on what to expect from a wood strip kayak and should answer some of your questions.

One Ocean Kayak Designs

wood strip manual
OCEAN  KAYAK - Built the cedar
 strip way

stitch & glue manual
Stitch & Glue Sea Kayak
Wooden Sea Kayak Designs - Recreational and high performance wood strip kayaks, plans and design specs...

Kayak Plans - See what is in the One Ocean Kayak plans package.
Stich & Glue Kayak Plans - Fast to build "Greenland hardchine" plywood kayak. Also available with wood strip deck as Hybrid kayak!

Stitch and Glue KITS - Even complete beginners can now build a high performance plywood kayak quickly with all the parts pre-cut.

Kayak rudder plans & Kits- composite Carbon Fiber rudders for do-it-yourselfers !

Wood Kayak Building Manual - Detailed and heavily illustrated guide to building wooden kayaks from A to Z.
Stich & Glue Sea Kayak Manual - The 'How to' of Stich and Glue kayak building with 170 color drawings and CAD illustrations.

Choosing a sea kayak - a few considerations and tips about selecting the right type of sea kayak to fit your size, skill and paddling style. Some points about kayak seaworthiness and design

One Ocean Kayaks Gallery - Some pictures of my wooden Kayaks. Different views, angles...

Kayak Builders' Gallery - Look at what other builders are doing with their One Ocean Kayaks.

Custom Built Kayaks - If you just MUST have one of these but have no time to build it.

New to Kayak Building? - Check out my Kayak shop to see how wood strip kayaks evolve from paper plans to glistening gems. ! Warning ! Browsing through these pages may result in kayak building addiction! Tons of tips and hundreds of pictures.

Hydrostatics - Confused by Prismatic coefficient, %LCB or Vertical Center of Buoyancy? Click here for definitions of terms used in hull design and all One Ocean Kayaks technical specs.

One Ocean Kayaks


Kayaks comparison page - See how One Ocean Kayak designs compare side by side, in scale, size as well as wave and viscous resistance.

Kayaks in Plans - Cannot find the right size kayak? This page features a few resized versions of existing One Ocean Kayaks designs.

Abrasion Resistant Fabrics, Fiberglass & Carbon - Fabrics for covering wooden sea kayaks and for extra abrasion protection. See how Dynel, Olefin, Xynole and plain fiberglass compare in impact resistance. Syntex - a wooden boat builder's dream?

The Epoxy test
- Planning to fiberglass but can't decide what epoxy to choose for your wooden kayak? Six popular clear coating epoxy types and a varnish are currently being tested for UV resistance and environmental damage.

Composite Sandwich Core - See the mechanical principles behind this lightweight, yet amazingly strong structure.

Materials - Minicel foam for kayak seats and other 'stuff' I use to build rudders, foot braces, bead and cove router bits to mill your strips etc...

  This site currently contains 160MB of kayak building instructions, tips, material information and a couple thousand photos. It has always been my intention to provide content you can actually use rather than just links to links. The Resources page points to quality sites related to kayak building, kayaking, epoxy and a lot of other information that kayakers may find useful.
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