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16. Coaming 2 - Bonding and finishing

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Both the cockpit rim and the vertical portion of the coaming are 'buttered' with epoxy putty and bonded.

Epoxy thickened with Microfibers* and colloidal silica** makes strong bonding putty.

* West System 403
** West System 406
Even though the composite coaming is quite fair, its edges and small surface bumps/ripples need a bit of dressing up with the fairing board.

Few additional coats of epoxy will bury the fabric as well as small dimples and irregularities.
The final coat of epoxy just needs to be wet sanded for varnish.
The kayak before de-molding. All outside surfaces are now prepared for varnish.
In addition to its strength, the other big advantage of this thin low profile rim is its good grip onto the sprayskirt. This is especially appreciated during rolling and when you get a few buckets of water in your lap.

The picture here shows the coaming before varnishing. Also note the round fillet of the coaming rim onto the deck.

The final product: Super strong and light carbon coaming glowing under epoxy and varnish.
The underside projection of both the rim and coaming is trimmed flush to the deck and sanded round prior to inside fiberglassing. All remaining gaps should be filled now.
The under deck is freshly scraped and ready for filler.


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