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Graphite lashing hooks and eyes for a wood kayak #2

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1. The following series illustrates the molding system for the downward lashing hook seen in picture # 2.
Here is the finished blank peeled off the mold. The molding process is the same as that for the deck eye on page 1 but the mold surface is flat and the profile is produced to a substantially better quality and strength due to the higher compression of the lay-up.
2. The two main compression blocks (recycled from mold #4 :) )
3. Peeling the top mold release
4. Removal off the blank from the lower mold release.
6. The molding surface.

1. The following series illustrates the molding system for the 'up and down lashing hook' seen in picture # 4 on page 1.
This profile is more complex so a multi part mold must be used to press the blank from different directions.
2. About 10 clamps produce substantial hydrostatic pressure to squeeze the epoxy out of the lay-up.
2a. About the true size of the "idealized" mold piece cross sections. All parts are made from scrap wood with grooves routed out. Note that if the outside molding plastic is quite stiff you need not make the internal grooves round. The yellow piece can have a square slot like the picture above. The blue piece is a wood dowel. Again this need not be shaved on one side to produce the parts.
3. Let's see what we got.
4. Looks good. Even thickness, cosmetically nice surfaces.

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