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6. Kayak forms / stations

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While you are working on the plywood plates, you can also cut out the stations or forms that will give the kayak it's shape.

Cutting of stations out of paper plans. Make sure to leave at least 1/4" (6mm) margin of paper past the station boundaries so that the jig saw blade cuts through the paper rather than lifting the edges of the particleboard.
Arranging the dry stations on the particleboard and drawing the outlines will help to target the spray adhesive. 5/8" particleboard is the best for this and 3/4" is OK.
Scarfed plywood and stations about to be cut out.
Before you plunge in with the jigsaw, pre-drill all the indicated holes for wiring and jigsaw access. 1/4" (6mm) drill is ideal.
It pays to cut accurately, on the correct side of the lines as specified in the plans.
A whole set of stations for the Cirrus. There are a lot of straight cuts on the stations, which can be made on a table saw.

All of us have heard enough of warnings when working with power tools but the dangers of a table saw cannot be overemphasized. You can lose your fingers in a microsecond and I myself know plenty of people who did! Stay SHARP and FOCUSED! Jigsaw is pretty safe and slow, table saw is dangerous and fast..

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