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2. Tools for Wood striping and Fiberglassing
(also for Stitch & Glue construction)

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Tools I use every day for strip building. It is amazing that beautiful kayaks and canoes can be made with so few simple tools. By going through all the Kayak Shop pages you can see all the tools I use and how they are used. This page just lists the most important ones.

  • Table saw - (for spine or strongback and strips)
  • Router - for bead and coves strips
  • Electric stapler - strip building only
  • Japanese pull-saw
  • Fairing board and sanding block (40, 60, 80 grit paper)
  • orbital and disk sanders - dry, coarse sanding
  • Belt sander- optional for fast coarse strip surfacing
  • Finish sander - 180,220,360 grit wet sanding
  • Jig saw - not shown, hatches, cockpit cutting
  • Square, level, scraper, small plane (optional)
  • scissors, utility knife

Tools useful on the inside shell. A beltsander is a good substitute for a long plane. Even though it is illustrated here, it is of little use inside the kayak.

Here is more complete list of tools and consumables used in the construction of both strip and stitch & glue kayaks. The majority of the supplies is the same for both methods of construction.

The only difference in tooling requirements between strip and plywood kayaks is as follows.

Strip kayak construction:

  • table saw
  • router and bit for bead and cove strips
  • stapler
  • razor saw
  • disk sander (on a drill)
  • beltsander - optional

Plywood kayak construction:

  • hot glue gun
Tools and materials for fiberglassing.


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