Wood Strip Kayak Manual

This Kayak wood strip building manual was written with the "amateur" in mind so that even the first time builder with little wood working experience can undertake this project with confidence.
The 43 pages will guide you through the building process from A to Z using proven methods and my own techniques .

Ocean Kayak built the cedar strip way
Building high performance sea kayaks:  An amateur's guide

  Over 150 color photos and CAD drawings provide instant orientation and complement to the text, and also some tool fundamentals for those with less "shop time". If you feel that this manual is mundanely detailed, I have done my job well.

Even though the finished kayaks don't look it, wood stripping is among the least expensive and simplest of "homebuilt" techniques. The construction itself is a matter of preparation and methodology rather then a specific set of skills and most of the building steps are small, allowing great deal of quality control over every stage of construction.
My goal is to help you to make the construction fast, efficient and precise by avoiding guessing, trial and errors, and to save you money in the process as well.

In addition to kayak building, the manual also contains:
  •  Table saw and router setup jig photos and tips will make milling strips a snap.
  •  Tools, saw blade types, sandpaper grits etc. are described for every operation so that you do it right the first time.
  •  Materials and quantities are included in pertinent chapters.
  •  Supply sources are listed in the index. Also see the Resources page.

Your manual is excellent by the way with regard to detail and clarity of instruction - John Hoover (Cape Ann Extreme - CA Double trimaran)

Thanks for the easy to follow book as well as your "workshop" on the website, they made for enjoyable reading and fairly easy construction - Tom Walker (Cape Ann Storm)

Your web site is fantastic and keeps getting better! I have been enjoying reading your Building Manual very much and find it offers some great ideas on kayak construction ... your manual is a lot more complete and well thought out than the one I had for building my canoe ... - Bruce Joiner (Storm LT)

Fantastic site Vaclav!!!; and the manual is clear and detailed and very inspiring... I'm hooked. I'll be ordering your Cape Ann Double plans. - John DaPonte

A kayaking friend lent me a copy of your manual and I found it most informative and easy to follow. As I plan to start building a cedar strip kayak in the near future I needed my own copy for constant reference. - John Levey

Thanks again for such great plans, designs, service and instructions. Overall the book and website that you have made is wonderful. The last boat I built was a Pygmy and the instructions with it were not near the quality of your instructions! Keep up the good work! Sincerely, John Hoch (Cape Ann Double)

See also:
Stitch & Glue Manual

Have fun building your beautiful kayak!

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