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12. Fiberglassing outside kayak deck

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When you have completed the outside deck seam filleting and filling wireholes, the glassing of the deck can begin. The 4oz. glass that is usually used for this purpose is 50 or 60" wide so if you position it on the hull efficiently (towards the edge) you will have a large leftover for the inside deck.

See more fiberglassing info in the "stripper" section of Kayak Shop.
Always keep the epoxy on one side of the centerline and spread it relatively fast over the half deck so that by the time you get to swipe it with a squeegee, the epoxy will have saturated 100% of the fibers.
Spread the epoxy thinly over the glass and let it soak in. The less you work the epoxy, the better. The more it is swiped back and forth, the more air is whipped into it. Do not stay in one spot, let the epoxy do its work.
Apply just enough epoxy at a time to catch all runs.
Looking at the edge of the masking tape through the wet glass. This is where the cloth will be trimmed off and when the tape is peeled off it will leave a clean edge with about 1/2" of the raw wood sheerline exposed.
Soaking in.
After the first coat is barely hardened, you can start applying epoxy filler coats to fill the weave of the fabric. Brushing will leave a thicker layer instead of application by squeegee.

See the sanding of epoxy on the deck next.

See more epoxy application info in the "stripper" section of Kayak Shop.

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