Cape Ann Expedition

built by Dave Ward
Expedition technical specs.
She paddles beautifully — fast and straight — and goes where I point her, even in 20 to 30 knot winds. Primary stability is responsive while secondary stability is good due to the flared hull. Very quiet and efficient to paddle. Other gurgle and splash at cruising speed, but the Expedition just slips through the water. I’ve been able to average between 5 and 5.5 knots over a two-hour out-and-back trip on Eklutna Lake. The only downside to the Expedition is slow turning, a necessary tradeoff for great tracking. A few construction notes: Length is 95% of design (Vaclav had some very helpful scaling hints). Final weight is 48 lbs, a bit on the heavy side for a standard lay-up because I needed extra epoxy to fill some ripples in the bottom. Hull is western red cedar, deck is yellow cedar and redwood. Stripping the pinched keel would have been impossible without Vaclav’s separately stripped inset. This also eliminated all but one double-mitered strip. Hatches are internally secured via a cable anchored in the cockpit...The plans are well thought-out – the multiple sets of reference lines on each form were invaluable in achieving accurate alignment on the spine. Thank you for the link to your scaling page...

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