Cape Ann Storm & Cirrus &
Cirrus LT kit

built by Jim Kozel
The Cirrus deck is a modified S&G deck before Hybrid design was available.

Cirrus , Cirrus LT and Storm technical specs.
Jim's kayak building pages.
The Cirrus handles very well and you're spot on about the secondary stability, like a pair of hands supporting the boat. Actually reminded my of that Mariner Max I paddled last summer. Although it was a small pretty calm lake, the wind was blowing 15-20knots, and the Cirrus handled just fine. It has lots of glide and gets up to speed quickly, tracks very well but still turns with little effort. I actually think the Storm has more primary stability, or I may simply like the feel of a more rounded-chine boat. Anyway, the Cirrus is exactly as advertised. It will be fun to do a comparison between the Cirrus, the Storm, and my QCC Q700 with the GPS...As far as the hybrid deck, I tried to strip to the beveled forms and it created a couple of funny spots on the deck, nothing serious. If I were to do it over again, I would definitely round the forms to the outside of the bevel points for bigger guys like us, and round the forms to the center point BETWEEN the bevel points for smaller paddlers. I like the recess and would definitely keep the peak on the foredeck. I think it adds to the overall look of the boat...The Cirrus hull is very advanced, hard to believe it's an S&G...Thanks again for a great design. - Jim Kozel
Cirrus with a white hull

Green hull Cirrus - mid right
 Storm left  

Well, I started building her (Cirrus LT) on July 3rd and finished rigging today. I've maybe 50-60 hours in the build. Your kit panels went together great... Fully-rigged she weighs 37lbs. Well, I launched the Cirrus LT on Lake Erie at 1 pm today, and have posted some launch photos on my website. This is a superb boat, and although I'd not paddled at all since last August, the Cirrus LT really felt great. I had thought it would make a responsive and fast day paddler since boat weight plus my weight would be about 25 lbs. over the designed displacement. That theory seems to have been correct. She tracks great and I was very impressed with how little quartering seas affected her. She did not feel twitchy at all and has impressive secondary stability. I spent some time just holding my paddle at chest height while I sat broadside to the incoming waves. As soon as the wave face hit the CirrusLT, she just tucked in right at home and the wave rolled under me. She is also very fast. I'm not sure I've paddled another boat that accelerates so transparently. It's just effortless to paddle her. Also, I was comfortable wearing my paddling shoes in my size 11 feet... Thanks again for an awesome design.

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