Cape Ann Double and Expeditions

built by Laurie Cooper (New Zealand)

Cape Ann Double and Expedition technical specs.
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We had a double launching of our kayaks on Saturday. Mine is a Cape Ann Double, and Daves is a Storm. I have to say I was very, very pleased with my double, like you , it is my favourite (I also have 2 Expeditions) and it is everything I want in a kayak, thanks for a fantastic design. I have included pix of the event and as you might see, I have again built this kayak without staples...

...I am more than pleased with the 2 kayaks (Expedition) and get heaps of favourable comment wherever I go with them. They have done hundreds of miles already and hopefully hundreds yet to come. I built the second one out of Western Red and Alaskan Yellow cedar, and inlayed a paua Maori fish hook symbol, (similar meaning to a St Christopher symbol the Europeans have) on both sides of deck. That sure gets heaps of comment, and people like to feel it to see of it is real. I also built it without any staples, without any problems.
Anyhow, I entered them in the Antique and Classic Boat Regatta amongst 140 entries and was pleased that I won the "non powered" section. One of only 3 major prizes. I have attached 2 pictures, one of both kayaks ( with the flag still attached for transporting on the roof of the vehicle) and the other of the paua inlay....4 others have built or are building your kayaks here, so they are getting a good representation in this part of the woods!

Here is a couple more pix of my 2 Expeditions. One is with my daughter and husband, and the other is with my grandson and his dad. Both on the Avon River, passing through the city of Christchurch. Regards, Laurie Cooper

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