I finished my Cape Ann Storm last week after many late evenings and long weekends of great fun! Took her for a paddle this weekend with some friends and I was amazed at how little effort it took to keep this boat moving pretty quickly. My nine year old son even paddled this kayak well (although he paddled in a rather prone position to reach the footpegs in the most forward position). I enjoyed every minute of building this kayak and look forward to building another sometime (maybe a double).
One of the attached photos shows a little addition to the design I added. I moved the rear hatch back one station and added a small round hatch behind the cockpit. Beneath the hatch I glassed into place a 2 gal. plastic bucket. With the addition of one bulkhead, some insulation, and some hardware I have a built-in ice chest. Adds a little weight, but what can I say...I am definitely a "recreational" kayaker.
Tom Walker