Cape Ann Double

built by Marc Dilley
Here is another head turning tandem adorned with 'diamond' inlay and handmade carbon rudder.
Cape Ann Double technical specs.
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Despite the horrendous wind in North Central Washington over the weekend, we paddled both Saturday and Sunday on the Columbia River (functionally now just a series of long, skinny lakes because of all the dams, so not much current and no rocks). The kayak handled great and we were both surprised how fast it goes. We paddled Sunday with a buddy in a 30 lb kevlar single and had no trouble keeping up. The rudder works well except that I need to work on the deployment set up. The nylon cord stretches when its wet; I am looking for a polypro or dacron line to replace it...
Margareta and I are very pleased with your design and the kayak. It was a real joy to build and we are looking forward to many, many years of fun...all those skinny pie-shaped pieces of AK white cedar took me forever to do, but I enjoy working with hand planes! Man, did I ever learn a lot about what to do and what not to do!!
Vaclav, let me just say that this project has been so much fun that I would like to build a couple of singles - one for myself and one for my wife. I'll be purchasing new plans from you, but probably not for a year or 3. - Marc Dilley
  "The dark wood on top dead center is Black Walnut, and the skinny reddish strips are Padouk".

  Margareta and I just returned from 5 days of paddling the Bowron Lakes Loop in north central British Columbia. Our Cape Ann Double was awesome. We are more impressed with it than ever - stable, fast and cool looking. You are right, people were gawking at the kayak all the time. I think I will make the stowage portholes larger next time. I had to tussle with the drybags alot. The trip itself was incredible. From the boat we saw bear, moose, all kinds of weather, a forest fire and and I hooked into a fish that pivoted the boat around backwards.

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