Cirrus (kit)

built by Curt Vaught
A Cirrus stitch and glue kit with rotary Sapelle deck and custom marquetry.
Cirrus technical specs.
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Thanks for the kind words on my efforts, and more importantly for the excellent design of the Cirrus LT. Yes, it's a great cruiser! I was out in some fairly windy & choppy conditions and the kayak performed beautifully. One thing I also noticed was how the boat performs in swells (sort of...). One day, a passing powerboat put out a significant wake which was like a following sea. The kayak lifted and surfed easily and under complete control! It felt so good that now I need to go somewhere to find some consistent swells to play around in! I should mention that this is my first sea kayak and was my first time out kayaking aside from a few times in a recreational kayak and a sit on top, which speaks to the design stability and ease of handling. The scarflocks went together easily. I used wood glue as a lubricant so they would slide together. I don't really know how long it took me to get to the glassing stage. I didn't really keep track, but am guessing about 30 hours which includes the marquetry. I think maybe about 20 hours without the marquetry but including careful aligning deck plates, taping, fillets, sanding, etc. Adding it all up, I probably have 60 - 80 labor hours in the project (not counting the trips to Home Depot, Lowes, the local lumber yard and the kitchen to get a beer....) Thanks again for the great design. - Curt Vaught

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