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One Ocean Kayaks Stitch and Glue templates are created full size with an accuracy equal or exceeding CNC plywood kits. With the exception of marking only three building cradles on a 'strongback' there is NO need for a measuring tape! The plans are designed with visual alignment aid to assure precise transfer of all plate boundaries on plywood including all vertical stations, bulkheads AND all wiring holes that match perfectly across plate boundaries... NO wasting time with drill jigs, misaligned 'kit' scarfs or deciphering confusing and inaccurate tables of offsets. Once your plywood sheets are joined (scarfed) you can have all plates precisely cut in a few hours and begin building your kayak.

  • All building cradles and stations, hatches, cockpit cutouts even hip (butt) plates are created full size. Special instructions relating to stations, the building assembly and cradle layout are included to eliminate guessing and assumptions. The entire set of templates comes on three, easy to align sections and all is printed to an accuracy of 0.005 in. You will not find a more thorough or accurate plywood kayak plans, guaranteed!

  • Kayak plate templates are printed on three, easily maneagable pieces in order to reduce any inaccuracy introduced by taping the sections together. The full length of the kayak plates is attained by taping only two seams!

  • Stich and Glue plans include drawings of the kayak with four scaled views (top-plan, side, front-body plan, and perspective) including a full size front view with an illustration of the strongback assembly.
    The scaled views aid in locating bulkheads, hatches and cockpit cutouts and will provide you with a visual reference throughout the construction. This is important for there is no guessing about what goes where and what is what.

  • The full size body plan is mainly for alignment reference you can also use it in an emergency to retrace any station shape.This means you have a back-up if you make a mistake in cutting the stations!

  • You will be wasting NO time converting English measurements to Metric units. All important dimensions in One Ocean Kayak plans have a METRIC equivalent for those who have never heard of feet and inches!

top All Kayak plans packages are accompanied by a comprehensive and heavily illustrated Stitch & Glue Manual that covers every aspect of plywood construction including techniques for graphite cockpit coaming and composite gasket channels for flush hatches.

Plywood Kayak Plans Package

  •  Kayak Plans - precise, full size forms and plates plotted in COLOR
  •  Building Manual - with 170 color photos and CAD drawings
  •  Hybrid Plans includes Building Manual and 14 extra pages and 40 photos/drawings
  •  Hydrostatics and all technical data relating to the kayak model
  •  Coaming mold- A Minicel band to create low profile carbon coaming

    Guaranteed Builder Support - If for some reason you find an obstacle that the plans or manual do not address, do not hesitate to contact me. I am as excited to see my kayaks in action as you will be when you hit the Ocean surf or your favorite launch spot.

    Builders' Pages - bonus pages with lots of detailed, high quality images of Graphite coaming construction, helpful tricks and other building tasks.

Satisfaction guaranteed !

I decided to include the Minicel band for it is the ideal material to build a fair coaming mold. I use the same Minicel foam for kayak seats, bulkheads, padding and car top cradles.

stitch and glue manual


Have fun building your top notch plywood or Hybrid kayak!

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