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It is my policy to always help with your kayak project from the beginning of construction till the end. In my experience, only a small percentage of builders need occasional guidance. If you get stuck, I want to know and help!

As the creator of the designs I am as excited as you to get your kayak where it belongs - on the water. To that end, I guarantee that:

  • You will get answers. Due to the Time Zone independence of the Internet, your best (fastest) chances to reach me is through e-mail. I check my mail every day and always get back within 12 hours or sooner. Any extended period that I am not available will be posted on this page. Please have patience. I will respond as soon as I am able.

  • Technical support is always FREE!

The plans package contains large amount of information that will take time to digest. With that in mind, please:

  • Do your homework and read the manual and plans thoroughly. As with all plans, it is necessary to go through the material at least twice to get a good grasp on the procedure and to find answers you are looking for. To use an old cliché: 'Rush slowly!' especially in the early stages. You will see how the pieces of the 'puzzle' fall in place
  • very quickly.

  • If you cannot find what you need, please, tell me.

In addition to the information in the plans and the manual, the Workshop page contains a lot of kayak building photos and building tips. You will find additional resources in the Builders' Pages which illustrate specific construction tasks in great detail.

I want to say how very much I appreciate the fantastic service. You are what in my native country would be called a "brick" - meaning solid and reliable. Many, many thanks. -- Roy Morford / Canada (Expedition)

Thanks as always for your support and prompt advice - Les Nightingill (Expedition Sport)


When embarking on a project like this, few things are more important than an accurate and thorough plans package with support from the designer. Don't find out half way through your project that a set of cheap plans was the most expensive mistake !

Have Fun Building!      Vaclav

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