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Versatile and rugged kayak foot braces for any plastic, composite and wooden kayak. Yakima foot braces were originally designed as 'fixed' for the demands of white water kayaking but with the addition of the plastic sliding track, 'Yakimas' can now be used virtually with any kayak rudder control system including the One Ocean Kayaks Graphite Rudder.

An example of 'epoxy bonded' mounting in a wood strip kayak. Even though, these foot pegs can be attached by machine screws through the skin of the kayak, the thick wood strip core as well as the visual impact make bonding a better solution in this case. See how it's done.

foot braces in wood strip kayak

Detail of bonded footbraces

Although, only the aluminium track would be sufficient for this 'fixed' footbrace application, this solution allows large degree of adjustment as well as the option for future rudder control. A cotter pin or a nail as in this case locks the aluminum and plastic tracks together. Pulling the pin converts the fixed installation into instant rudder control. See how to modify the plastic track for sliding footbrace installation

Close-up of fixed as well adjustable foot braces mounted through the skin. Foot braces come with neoprene gaskets and stainless screws for quick and simple mounting on polyethylene, composite or plywood hulls. The mockup example on the right shows the possible configurations mounted through 4mm marine plywood used in most stitch and glue kayaks.
Tightening the screws compresses the neoprene gasket for instant seal. Drill screw holes as small as necessary to push the bolt through.
See how to mount fixed footbraces (with the supplied screws) without drilling into the kayak.

Mounting footbraces with screws

Neoprene gasket seal in thin skin installation

Yakima Foot Braces
No longer sold

  •  Strong aircraft aluminum with milled in 'sand slots' for clog free operation
  •  Plastic track - aluminium rail combination - corrosion free mechanism
  •  Simple spring loaded lever lock on foot pegs
  •  Easy, 'blind reach in the cockpit' readjustment.
  •  Weight: 2 lb 3oz. (1kg) - whole system (rails, tracks, pegs, screws)
  •  Length between mounting holes on plastic track: 14.5" (36,8cm)
  •  Length between mounting holes on aluminium rail: 13" (33cm)

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Click for close-up view Yakima foot braces