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  The drawings below illustrate the wire frame of the Cape Ann Expedition as seen in the CAD program. Only a half hull is shown in the lower two drawings to reduce the clutter of the lines. Please note that the drawings are not foreshortened. In other words the lines are a pure 2D projections without a perspective. A perspective allows you to see objects as they appear to a camera or in real life.

An example: If you look down train tracks, they appear to converge to a single point in the distance. In the case of a drawing like this they would appear parallel to each for ever. This makes the objects closer to the viewer appear the same size as distant objects. In real life (due to perspective), the portion of the kayak that is farther from the observer would appear smaller. The dimensions and proportions, however, are correct.


Looking from the rear left side toward the bow

Looking at the front left side toward the stern

Looking from the rear right toward the bow

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